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“Hi, I’m Vivienne Ulman, this is a passage from my memoir, Alzheimers: a Love Story.

My mother eats with her left hand, although all her life she has been right handed. She won’t use cutlery or allow anyone to feed her. She picks up a morsel of food in her fingers and ferries it to her mouth. Then she returns for another. She does this mechanically, almost without pause, concentrating all her attention on her plate. If she doesn’t like the taste of something she removes it from her mouth and throws it on the floor. My father, who has cut up her meal into bite-sized pieces, sits opposite, watching, supervising.
At one stage my mother refused all food, surviving on only glass after glass of Solo. Her clothes hung on her. We were sure she was going to die. Part of me – a big part of me – hoped she would.


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