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“Hello, I’m Gail Bell and this is from a true story called Golden Eye first published in 2009 in The Monthly magazine:

I met Felix and Marjorie as a couple in the late 80s.

One evening, a year into our relationship, Felix uncharacteristically took the initiative of asking me for advice.

“You might say I was born to be depressed,” he said, and spoke candidly of his mother’s suicide and his father’s descent into a bitter and entrenched gloom.


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Hi, I’m Stephen Scheding. I’m about to read part of the preface of my book A Small Unsigned Painting published by Random House in 1998. It’s an art mystery, a who-dun-it – who done the small unsigned painting that I had bought at an auction and, then, who done the bullet in the head of the person I discovered was the first owner of  the painting. (more…)

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