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“I’m Gill Schierhout and I’m reading from a work in progress.

I drew the short straw with that boy, you know what I mean? He knew nothing my son. He could not fix a car, a leaking pipe, a cycle puncture, a broken window pane.  Not that he wasn’t capable, not that I didn’t try to teach him everything I knew – he just didn’t do it.  What can you do with a boy like that? I have considered all sides of the coin – turned it around looked at it from this angle and that – every question you ask me, I have already asked myself a thousand times. And this is what I think: I drew the short straw with him, that’s a fact. It’s no ones fault.  I could have done exactly the same and he could have been sitting in that chair, standing behind a shop counter, fixing cars at Julie’s Motors, come home each night and tickle his wife where she likes it most – a pillar of society, you know what I mean.  Sometimes I think that the only thing keeping me alive now is my rage.


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