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“Hi, my names Dorothy Ifould and I’m working on my major project. I’ll be reading from Boarding School, my Chapter 2.

When my father put us on the plane to Darwin I was not prepared for what was going to happen to me for the next ten years in an environment that was totally foreign to me. I was in a daze trying to come to terms with my situation and why my father had come to this decision. He came out of Mother Superior’s office. He told me I was to stay with the nuns who would look after me, I was to work hard at my school work and be a good girl. My father was not a demonstrative man, he never showed his affection towards any of us, I knew he did love us in his own way so it was a surprise when he bent over and kissed me on my forehead before turning away and walking out those gates and down the road. (more…)

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