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Richard Flanagan and Black & Blue at the Varuna Sydney Writers’ Festival

More from guest blogger Kirsten Krauth on the Varuna branch of the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Richard Flanagan packs a room and Black & Blue bring illustrators and poets together in an exhibition that explores dark stories from the Blue Mountains ….

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More from the Wild Colonial Girl

More great blogging from The Wild Colonial Girl, Kirsten Krauth who was guest blogger at the Varuna-Sydney Writers’ Festival …

*Emma Donoghue spoke about cross-dressing, frog-dancing and breast-feeding (and I had a room with a view at Varuna)

*Irina Dunn spoke to Felicity Castagna and me about stalking teenagers, boys who don’t speak but do listen; whether we wear pants of not (I mean, are pantsers)

*Annah Faulkner and Sally Piper advised to not drive and write (bloody idiot!), to not listen to your mother if she says you’re bad at art, and that the way families share food defines them

*Richard Flanagan’s profundity and the Black and Blue exhibition of Blue Mountains’ stories to come…

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Click on the arrow above to listen to Jesse’s reading

“I’m Jesse Blackadder and I’m going to read from my novel The Raven’s Heart which was published in 2011.

Scotland, 1561.
We come across the North Sea, bearing the face of heaven in our hold.
A fleet of ships brings such a treasure, our galley speeding ahead and the rest following slowly with her horses and fineries, her tapestries and clothes. She returns from thirteen years in the French court to take up the reins of power.

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