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“My name is Yvette Walker. I will be reading from my novel entitled Letters to the End of Love.

Bournemouth, 1948, retired doctor John Carpenter writes unsent letters to his lover David Pabst who died during the war.

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“Hi, I’m Glenda Guest. I’m going to read to you from my novel Siddon Rock.

Macha Connor arrived home from war as naked as the day she was born, except for well-worn boots and a dusty slouch hat, and the .303 rifle she held across her waist.

Alistair Meakins watched her from the shadows of his shop doorway.

Alistair saw the world as intersecting lines and spaces. His window display often had a background of ribbon lattice in suitable seasonal colours but he rarely used summer colours, saying to his customers, Summer is a blast from hell without red blaring into the street, to make us feel worse.


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