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“Hi, I’m Kim Westwood, and today I’m reading an excerpt from my novel, just published, called The Courier’s New Bicycle.

The Glory Hole speakeasy is a door in a wall down Wickerslack Alley in the capillary-like heart of the city. The eye at the peephole withdraws and the lock snicks back. Rosie, the doorkeeper, complete with leather vest, two armfuls of tatts and a nose ring suitable for a bullock, secures my bike behind her guard stool and drawls, ‘When ya gonna get a real one, Sal?’
She’s the proud owner of a shiny electric speedster — a Harley replica — parked out in the alley.
‘When I win at church bingo,’ I say, too polite to mention that Rosie’s ecotech ‘real bike’ sounds more like a sewing machine than a Harley. (more…)

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